COVERNAT is a contemporary brand that is motivated from vintage wear such as military, outdoor, workwear and etc before and after the Industry Revolution.

COVERNAT had made its debut in 2008 for A/W season with the theme called "BLANK", which included full collection of top, bottom, especially denim pants, our most confident product, and accessories. Since then, we unleashed our thoughts through a new concept and theme by perspective of ours from the inspiration we get from the past.
We, COVERNAT, endlessly think of finding flawless materials. To get the best outcome of the products, we always research and look for better fabrics and subsidiary materials to come out with the items that we are satisfied with.
We, COVERNAT, emphasize 'fit'.
We do not stop on our pattern work till we get our pursued fit.
Same goes for the denim pants that we are confident at.
We believe that although washing is important in denim jeans, fit should help wearer's body to be stand out when they wear.
Therefore we design three different types of fit for one denim pants; straight, tapered and slim fit.
These factors are the reason why we insist on "Making" without any compromise such as trend and commercial. We concern and think deep enough to come out with the outfits that can be the part of customers' lifestyle throughout their lifetime.
Our past, present and future philosophy is to respect the past and show various inspiration from it to the customers living in this present time.
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